The Ohio State University College of Optometry Continuing Education Summer -Sunday Morning

2024 Summer Conference - SUNDAY AM


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July 28, 2024

Summer Conference 2024 will be held in person at the Fawcett Center (2400 Olentangy River Road 43210). Parking is free. We will offer 7 hours of education each day, along with tea and coffee in the morning and a boxed lunch in the afternoon. The cost will be $33 per hour. ALL registration must be completed online, and registration will close at noon on Tuesday, July 23. Income from the conference will be used to fund several college initiatives. Thank you for your support of our college! If you have any issues with registration, please email


Cancellation requests must be received by email at For requests received by the Optometry Office of Continuing Education five (5) or more business days prior to the event, 100% of your payment will be refunded. If a refund is requested within four days of the conference, those fees will not be refunded but can be applied to a future conference for a period of up to one year. For no-calls/no-shows on the training/event date or any time after the event begins, no refunds or transfers will be provided.

OE Tracker Number Needed

These courses are not COPE approved, so we will not use the OE Tracker app to submit your completed courses. However, we will provide a QR code after each lecture to record attendance and receive course evaluations. We will upload attendance to OE Tracker for each lecture early the following week. You must enter your OE Tracker number after every lecture, so make sure you know that number!

Sunday, July 28 Agenda

8 a.m. - Advances in Diabetes Care, 2024

Robert Gotfried, DO, FAAFP, DACD

Systemic disease/Pharm credit

Abstract: Diabetes care is constantly changing. During this lecture, we will discuss how new standards and preventions for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes as well as new and emerging pharmacotherapy options. We will also discuss what is on the horizon and how care may change again.

50 minutes

9 a.m. - An Update on Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Surgery

Lisa Chung, MD

Anterior segment

Abstract: This lecture is to provide an update on the new intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery as well the novel technology of the Light Adjustable Lens. This lecture will aim to meet to following learning objectives:

  • To describe the mechanics of the Light Adjustable Lens and its clinical process.
  • To recognize the advantages, disadvantages, and patient candidacy for the Light Adjustable Lens.
  • To contrast extended depth of focus IOL technology and multifocal IOL technology.
  • To identify the benefits and limitations of presbyopic lenses.

50 minutes

10 a.m. - Marijuana: The Good, The Bad, and The Myths

Zac Coates, OD, MS


Abstract: With the recent passing of Issue 2, ushering in the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Ohio, it is important for providers to understand the systemic and ocular effects of cannabis usage. This lecture will discuss the effects of cannabinoids and THC on the body and visual system. It will also dispel myths surrounding cannabis use.

1 hour 40 minutes